Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random pics (1st month)

This post will just be some random pics during the first month of their lives. My mom and I would just snap random shots of them here and there. They're just SO CUTE!!!


 No description necessary other than: TIRED. :) 
 Harmony was just sleeping on my chest and put her hand under her face. I thought it was so cute! My little poser.
 I Love this picture. They're so beautiful and sweet.

 This is all you get in the way of Halloween costumes. My mom got them these little hats from H&M. So cute! Our little lambs.
 The first month was a blur. I'll admit that. Even now I try to think back on how things were. The girls have always been so good. They only ever woke up one time during each night. They would usually eat late around 11 or 12, have a 2 or 3 wake up and then again at 6 or so if I remember right. The KILLER was the 2 hour feedings. Nurse, Bottle and Pump. It was rough.

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