Saturday, September 28, 2013

FIRST birthday!

My babies are turning one! Chuck didn't get throwing a party for babies who won't remember it but you only have your first birthday once. It is time to celebrate! Thanks to those who have helped us within the past year and helped us celebrate our sweet girls!
The theme was butterflies
Making and planning the decorations was pretty much the biggest part of the preparation. My favorite part of the decorations was the "Year in Review" window of all of my favorite pics of the past year. 
 They were all labeled
There were butterfly streamers and butterflies intermittently dispersed through the pics. 

 More decorations

 Homemade banners

 I love my girls! I love how their precious little outfits turned out as well.

 My little butterflies!
 My sweet little miracles
 I love the butterflies and the frills!

 Thanks to all of our friends and family who came! Dayna
 All the little girls at the party made their own butterflies to take home.
 Crafting it up
 Chuck's sibs
 Crackers, cheese, fruit, veggies, cupcakes, and juice.
 Chuck the wasp slayer. Dang wasps.
 My sweet Charity
 My lovely Harmony

 Kendra and E just two days older than the girls!
 Aunties Rosanne and Janeen
 Nancy, Michael and S
 The gift bench
 Kendra, Miles, O & E

 Time for the CAKE! I think one year just sounds too early for sugar. I found a healthy recipe online with bananas, apple sauce, wheat flour, etc. The frosting is cream cheese, etc.
 The only real sugar crap I used was the dang pink piping icing that LEAKED everywhere. GRR!!! I love their little candles too. The blue one is a butterfly.

 I LOVE that messy face!
 I may have made her take a taste. I think she liked it. ;)
 Not too sure. The just liked playing with it

 checking in
 finally taking a taste by choice
 Cute smiley girl!
 a little mushed
 messy, messy. We probably should have stripped them down beforehand...

 E. So cute!
 Present opening!

 Their pillow animals. I got all of their gifts off of KSL or garage sales except for these pillows. Little commercial: I found them at Costco and the girls LOVE, love, LOVE them!!!

 We have the greatest friends!
All of the loot!
 Grandparents. The millers (cousins on my side of the family) showed as well but weren't able to stay long and I didn't get a pic.
 "Poop or cake? Poop or Cake? Cake. What if that had been poop?" Name that movie.
 Girls all cleaned up and dressed and playing with their toys.

 My beautiful little ladies. I have so much fun with them every day. They are my joy and my everything. My life has been forever changed and is fuller than ever! Happy birthday my little angels!!!

I know some family and friends weren't able to attend. We felt your love and are so grateful for your love and support toward our little girls as well. We are so blessed!!!
Happy Birthday!

Playing with their animal pillows