Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17 - My Due Date

Since my miscarriage back in May (seems like an eternity ago) I've been dreading and wondering about today. I've wondered how I would feel looking back about not having a new sweet baby in my arms and welcoming a new member to our family. I knew of at least four women due within a week or so from me. Honestly I'm more than fine with it. I've had so many instances in the past few months that make me feel so relieved. I'm not sure why Chuck and I felt so strongly that it was time to welcome a new member to our family. We definitely felt spiritually prompted after praying in and outside of the temple. We moved forward with faith which is all we could do. Our little 18 month olds at the time were so sweet and so good. Since then they have turned into two year olds with the littlest thing setting them off, experimenting with boundaries and not listening to mommy/daddy, running, talking more, being more opinionated, etc...They are definitely more of a handful now especially out in public. My hands are full enough at the moment.

I like to take the girls to play groups, classes at the library, and such weekly. One week at the library Charity ran off into the parking lot with Harmony and I trailing behind her. When she didn't stop I ran after her. She fell and scraped her knee. Harmony decided to run after the both of us and fell and scraped her face. They were across the parking lot from each other screaming and crying. The very next week at the library (yes I dared) they ran out different doors at the exact same time. Not knowing who/where I should run after first I made a split second decision and ran after one. Later when we were looking at books Charity bolted again. Luckily a friend was there and I could leave Harmony where she was in search of Charity. Twins are just different than having two children (not like I'd totally know from personal experience or anything). Them both being in the tantrum, experimenting stage is hard. I cannot even imagine trying to deal with another baby right now let alone poor Chuck with all three at church. I'd take 6 months off from choir again but it would still be crazy. I'm not saying life and my sweet babies will be perfect by the time we do try again but hopefully a little more manageable.

I don't want to sound like I have it the roughest of the rough. My babies are really so sweet and so smart most of the time. Some of the time however it's really overwhelming and I need to realize twins are just different and all families need different timing. Some people can time their kids a year apart. I'm not one of those people. Even though I've suffered incredible loss I'm grateful for the opportunity to have more time before our next baby to potty train and just get a better handle on life.

I've also had some great experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise. I would've missed our Christmas concert with Sesame Street and Santino Fontana. My family decided to come out for that which has been amazing. It has seriously been so fun and amazing to perform with the sesame street characters. I would've been really sad to miss it. I'm so grateful almost all of my family came to support me in it as well.

There were really fun highlights this year (Spoiler alert). We started the concert as usual. Big Bird interrupted by coming on the stage singing and then the other muppets popped up as well. They each had a role to play in the concert. Grover was the director back stage, Bert and Ernie helped back stage as well. Rosita and Abby Cadabby got to sing in the choir in their own choir dresses, Big Bird conducted us during a song, Elmo was in search for MORE Christmas and Cookie monster was in search for MORE cookies. It was cute and just plain fun. I loved it! I got pictures with all of the puppeteers and even with Ernie himself backstage. Abby Cadabby even left a little voice message for my babies. How cool is that???

Santino entered the stage in a hot air balloon. The dancer, constumes and bells always bring so much to it as well. I loved it! Even though at the end of the week I'm exhausted and happy for it to end I teared up having to say goodbye to all of these amazing people! I've NEVER gotten pictures with the performers before. EVER!!! I've had friends that always lucked out somehow but the Sesame Street puppeteers were so approachable, sweet and friendly. I made a point to tell them all how excited we were to have them there with us. The puppeteer behind Bert/Grover and I had a nice heart to heart as well. He said he's never been part of such a large show but on top of that it was a life changing/moving experience to perform with us. Rosita and Abby Cadabby both teared up at different times. It was so much fun. Rick Elliot stole the show as always with his 12 days of Christmas rendition with the Count. It was so, so fun.

 My sister Denisha on the left, Sister in law Jennie and I on the back row, and their kids. So cute! They loved it. This was Sunday morning. Saturday evening my parents, Chuck's parents, Chuck and his sister Rosanne and her family came. Some other family and friends came other days as well.

I was also invited to be part of a beauty salon quartet (wink, wink) for this years annual MOTAB Christmas dinner. It was terrifying yet a really cool experience and opportunity. 

My handsome, supportive, amazing hubby and I all dressed up and ready to go. My wonderful parents babysat for us to go to the dinner even though it was their anniversary. I feel horrible about it but both of my babies are now sick and are so, so sad. It was nice to have them here. They plan on celebrating sometime soon.

 My friend Denise in town from England who was in the choir got to come to the concert and our dinner as a date and of course AnneMarie. LOVE these gals!!!

 The dinner was delicious. I love seeing and visiting with all of my choir family and friends. It's so great to see spouses and guests as well. I look forward to the dinner every year. Our little quartet has been practicing for this for months. I was almost more excited for the dinner than the concert this year. We missed a chunk of the other entertainment due to changing clothes, being out in the hall, nerves, etc. It was worth it though. The song was great. All the parts I was nervous about I nailed. Who knows what mistakes I actually made (everyone else in the room probably) but it was such a blast and I love these amazingly talented ladies more than ever. Left to Right: Me, Katie, Holly and Star.

I'll have to see about posting a clip of our song. Katie arranged it. Imagine a brilliant mash up of Bach, "I will Survive", "Happy", etc... It was brilliant and so much fun. All of the words and movements were inside jokes for the choir as well as a tribute to our conductor Mack Wilburg. I love being part of such an amazing organization. I still pinch myself daily. We were worried everyone would be listening for wrong notes, and mistakes but as far as I can tell they all had a wonderful time right along with us. It was a real treat!

I would've missed out on both of those experiences had I been having a baby any day. So for right now I'm grateful that even though I thought at the time that the Lords will was something else a few months ago I'm grateful for what it is today. I see babies around me and don't feel envious or baby hungry. We don't feel done and would like to expand our family someday but I'm grateful and relieved we get to take a little more time to do it.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

2nd Birthday Party!

My babies are turning TWO! It's kinda crazy. I've been mentally preparing myself for MONTHS. I can't believe it. Time flies! There are a lot of benefits of them turning two. They can tell me exactly what they want, how they feel, what happened, can listen, help out and follow instructions sometimes, etc. There are also disadvantages though. They now have opinions and won't always wear what mommy wants or do what mommy says, and have more meltdowns. They are so sweet and so good. We have been so spoiled. They are so smart, so funny, witty, and just the most adorable little kids I know. I am so enamored by my little miracles babies. Yes they are two and I will still call them my babies. I think they'll be my babies until another baby comes along... maybe longer. I am grateful for them EVERYDAY. They are my little miracles and my little buddies. We have so much fun. Even though they don't turn two officially for another few days we celebrated their birth today. I wanted to have a chill, cute, adorable little girl party for their second birthday. It was perfect. We invited a couple of friends from our neighborhood (Kara and Oakley) and moms (Amy and Abbie) who we need to get together and play with more often, the girls bestie Maggie, Grandma and Grandpa Syme (who we were really glad could make it), and our friend Chessa to help with the entertainment.

Here's how it all turned out. The theme is Princess(es) and the Pea


I made all the banners, painted styrafoam balls and strung them, I borrowed two mattresses from friends and used the girls for our own stack of mattesses.

The outfits:

My girls are growing up and getting so big! My sister Denisha found THE cutest fabric online and MADE their dresses. Can you see the Princess and the Pea fabric? I love how the fabrics match too. It's adorable!!! I found the crown headbands at H&M too. They're my little dolls!

Story time:

 I grew up with this book and LOVE it! I'm so glad the library had it on hand. It's so cute. All the girls just sat there and listened to the story. They're so well behaved and sweet. It was precious!

Pin the Pea on the mattress:

I wasn't quite sure how this game was going to go but it was fine. I don't think they actually got the point obviously but it was fun nonetheless. Here's all of our cute little girls!

Balloon animals:
My good friends daughter, Chessa, knows how to make balloon animals. She made some at our neighborhood 24th of July party. Ever since then I wanted her to be able to come and make balloon animals for the girls at their party. She was amazing. Not only did she make the cutest animals but she helped with the girls whenever possible. She's so, so great with kids!

Everyone got an animal. She made a monkey, dog, giraffe, crocodile, and two turtles. She can make a lot more and even made Chuck and alien once. She was a highlight for sure!

Family photo op:

Dolls and mattresses:
I think this was my favorite part. I made 41 little mattresses and painted 8 little dolls for the girls to get their choice and make their own princess and the pea. I think it turned out really cute. (Not to toot my own horn or anything.)

Closeup of Charity's dolls and beds. The one on the left is my favorite. It makes me proud she latched onto that one and wouldn't let it go. :)
 Closeup of Harmony's dolls and beds

It was a cute little keepsake the girls could take home with them in addition to their balloons. The girls really seemed to love the little dolls and mattresses.

The food:

The cupcake icing was an utter disappointment but I can laugh at myself. Next time I'll just get some store bought stuff. Oh well. The girls again were so sweet and just sat in their own little chair at the table and ate their food. The food (shown) turned out really well. The food that didn't even make it further into production were the Pea Pops (cake pops the shape and color of peas). Darn icing! Bummer! Oh well. The food was delish and we ate every last morsel. I think I should've made some more! whoops!
Harmony pretending to go "night, night" on the mattresses. Ha! So cute!

Opening Presents: They got jackets, shoes, outfits, toys, dress up items, aprons, coloring books, books, hair bows, pom poms, buckets, etc. They are really blessed little girls.

The only gifts Chuck and I gave the girls are the mini mouse shoes. We have more but they're not quite ready yet. That's okay though because it's not their real birthday yet. Whew!

 The forgotten craft. Boo! I had it all ready to go for them to color their own princess, glue fabric strips to cute paper and top it with the princess for their own artwork of Princess and the Pea too. But it didn't get done. Oh well. It may have been a bit of a stretch for them to accomplish anyway. It'll have to wait for another day.

It all turned out so, so well. It was JUST like I envisioned. Well, except for the cakes. :(

Now that you think I'm talented and creative I'll reveal my secret. I totally stole all of my ideas from this blog that made a way cuter party but I LOVED our version. I think mine is just a little simplified which I did for my own sanity and check book but that's okay. I'm totally happy for the inspiration and for how my lil party turned out.

All the girls were little angels, and so nice and cute together. I think we all had a great time. It turned out perfectly. Thank you to our dear friends for participating and helping to celebrate our sweet babes life. We'll do a dinner with the rest of Chuck's family tomorrow. Happy Birthday my little angels!!! It's been the BEST two years of. my. life!!!