Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Solo outing!

I needed to head into choir to pick up my tickets for some MOTAB events coming up. I thought it would be fun to bring the girls to show off. It would make my first trip out all on my lonesome with the little ladies. I'm not going to lie. I was a little unsure about it. I went to dinner at the Blue Lemon with my friend AnneMarie beforehand as per usual. Dinner was great. The girls slept the whole time except Harmony got overheated in her seat for a minute. She settled right down and laid back down.
I grabbed my tickets and then waited to say "hi" to some choir friends. It was so fun to see everyone and show off my sweet babies. I loved them being there with me. I told them in just 25 short years they could be there too! :) I would absolutely love that. Of course I'll be done by then but I would still love it. I LOVE the choir and am so glad it's a part of my life. It was fun to see my two worlds meet.
I didn't stay for the practice. I brought the girls home just in time to eat. They were so good. Love them!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twin Moby wrap

The girls had an uncanny ability to know when dinner time was. They were always hungry or crabby right when we were putting dinner on the table. Oh well. Such is life. Sometimes I would eat while I nursed or just let it get cold. Sometimes my mom and Chuck would even wait for me to finish.
If they were just crabby and wanting to be held or be around us sometimes we would just put a boppy on a neighboring table and eat or play cards. Sometimes we would put them in the Moby wrap. My mom looked it up and saw that you could put twins in the one Moby. We attempted it one time. It looked easier than it was. It was really complicated. Yikes.
 Playing cards with my sweet girls all nuzzled in.
 The fam

Chuck tried wearing the Moby wrap ONE TIME for TWO seconds. He got so hot and couldn't stand it. I love being warm and having them close. I decided not to do them both at once ever again though. Getting them both in and out was ridiculous!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Second Sunday at Church

I don't know why this pic loaded sideways. Sad!
Aren't the girls so stinking cute! They make me melt all day every day.
We had to get the girls out to bottle feed them during church. It's just easiest since I need the pillow and all. Here she is just snoozing away after. Isn't she the sweetest? You can see the stroller in the background. Yes. We keep them in the stroller at church. It's easier with two. We just sit in the back or the corners so we don't block aisle ways and such. It works best for us.
You can see the little blanket our fertility clinic gave us (one for each girl). We love the Reproductive Care Center. :)
So cute!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Sunday at church

We kept the girls home for their first six weeks. The Dr first advised us to keep them from large crowds for their first 3 months. We had been taking turns going to church but were ready to go as a family. It was so fun to go together.
Chuck and Charity
 Harmony and I

 The fam
 My mom with the girls.
Before we brought the girls with us to church my mom stayed home a couple of Sundays to watch them so Chuck and I could go together. We started a few rumors that way. My friends in the book group said people thought our babies were still in the hospital, etc... I had my mom come to church with me too to include her as well. It was a pain to be separated. The girls mostly slept through church, little angels. Our ward was really respectful too. They wanted to see the girls but just peeked at them. No one asked to hold them or anything. Our Dr had suggested 3 months instead of 6 weeks because of exposure to germs and viruses but they mostly stayed in their car seats or we held them so it was fine.

Look alikes

Ever since the girls were born we've said Harmony looks more like Chuck and Charity looks more like me. We decided to take pics to prove it.
Group pic 
I love this pic of Harmony and Chuck. With her tired little eyes she's a dead ringer for her dad. Cute little thing! :)
Charity and I.
I love my babies!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Pics (2nd month)

Here are a few random pics we took of the girls during the month of November.
Look how teeny!
The kept getting closer and closer to each other in their crib
until... bonk!
Chillin in the pac and play
tummy time. My mom and chuck were all gung ho about giving them tummy time at 6 weeks before they really had any head control. It was pretty much just time to lay on their tummy's. I love that they're looking at each other though.
Cuddles! I love my cuddle babies. They're so snuggly! I love that they have their arms around each other too. How perfect are they??? :)
Harmony lost her hair! I know babies start to rub it off in the back, but on the top of her head? Really? It was so sad and made me freak out a little bit. This pic was when my mom took off for souther utah for two days. I was freaked out of my mind to be on my own but we survived. This was a little snooze the girls took after eating one time. Poor Charity chose an awkward spot to fall asleep. haha.
Charity in her bouncer chair. I was a little disappointed with the bouncy chairs we got. They didn't recline so we couldn't put them in there very early. Since Charity was a little bigger she handled it better sooner. Here she is mastering the bouncy chair. So cute!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mom's birthday

Since my mom is awesome and spent her birthday (and 10 total weeks) here with us I wanted to make her birthday extra special. I offered to send her to the spa (something I would personally LOVE) but she declined. What did she want? She just wanted me to go shopping with her to help her pick out some outfits. Sure thing! We hit up Ross (her choice). She found a few tops she liked so we got them for her. She looked beautiful. I got a few outfits for the girls as well. I love shopping for my girls!
 We also took her out to lunch. It was our first restaurant with the girls. In the car on the way to The Outback Steakhouse. YUM!!!
 Mom's self portrait from the backseat. haha.
 At the restaurant. We're a circus. :) Love our girls. They slept the entire time. We grubbed out!
I wanted to be in the backseat with the girls on the way home. I totally found a SPIDER walking around on one of the car seat covers! SICK!! I'm so glad I saw it.
Thanks for living mom! Happy birthday! We sure love you and are forever indebted to you!