Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mom's birthday

Since my mom is awesome and spent her birthday (and 10 total weeks) here with us I wanted to make her birthday extra special. I offered to send her to the spa (something I would personally LOVE) but she declined. What did she want? She just wanted me to go shopping with her to help her pick out some outfits. Sure thing! We hit up Ross (her choice). She found a few tops she liked so we got them for her. She looked beautiful. I got a few outfits for the girls as well. I love shopping for my girls!
 We also took her out to lunch. It was our first restaurant with the girls. In the car on the way to The Outback Steakhouse. YUM!!!
 Mom's self portrait from the backseat. haha.
 At the restaurant. We're a circus. :) Love our girls. They slept the entire time. We grubbed out!
I wanted to be in the backseat with the girls on the way home. I totally found a SPIDER walking around on one of the car seat covers! SICK!! I'm so glad I saw it.
Thanks for living mom! Happy birthday! We sure love you and are forever indebted to you!

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