Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Sunday at church

We kept the girls home for their first six weeks. The Dr first advised us to keep them from large crowds for their first 3 months. We had been taking turns going to church but were ready to go as a family. It was so fun to go together.
Chuck and Charity
 Harmony and I

 The fam
 My mom with the girls.
Before we brought the girls with us to church my mom stayed home a couple of Sundays to watch them so Chuck and I could go together. We started a few rumors that way. My friends in the book group said people thought our babies were still in the hospital, etc... I had my mom come to church with me too to include her as well. It was a pain to be separated. The girls mostly slept through church, little angels. Our ward was really respectful too. They wanted to see the girls but just peeked at them. No one asked to hold them or anything. Our Dr had suggested 3 months instead of 6 weeks because of exposure to germs and viruses but they mostly stayed in their car seats or we held them so it was fine.

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