Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twin Moby wrap

The girls had an uncanny ability to know when dinner time was. They were always hungry or crabby right when we were putting dinner on the table. Oh well. Such is life. Sometimes I would eat while I nursed or just let it get cold. Sometimes my mom and Chuck would even wait for me to finish.
If they were just crabby and wanting to be held or be around us sometimes we would just put a boppy on a neighboring table and eat or play cards. Sometimes we would put them in the Moby wrap. My mom looked it up and saw that you could put twins in the one Moby. We attempted it one time. It looked easier than it was. It was really complicated. Yikes.
 Playing cards with my sweet girls all nuzzled in.
 The fam

Chuck tried wearing the Moby wrap ONE TIME for TWO seconds. He got so hot and couldn't stand it. I love being warm and having them close. I decided not to do them both at once ever again though. Getting them both in and out was ridiculous!

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