Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Happenings

Let me start my next post by saying things are going really well in life. I feel I've fully recovered emotionally, physically and mentally from my miscarriage. I haven't had any hard times in the past few weeks. We're moving on and I'm doing really well. I'm well into my 10 K training. I've only ever done 5 K races. I'm excited to run a 10 K on July 24. I ran my longest distance ever - 7.5 miles on Saturday and felt pretty darn good about it. I've improved my average mile time by a minute and a half in a few short weeks. I still can do better but I'm celebrating the milestones.
We've been busy this spring/summer. I'm just going to touch on a few things so I can get all/most of them down because we've been having a blast and seeing a lot of great friends!

In May our fertility clinic had their patient party at the Aquarium. Chuck and I went to the old Aquarium when we were dating 7 years ago. It's relocated and is pretty awesome. The girls were OBSESSED. We need to go back sometime soon.

 Our friends Kendra and Miles were there with their kids who also used IVF. E liked the whales.
 We've been doing a lot of play dates with Sarah and M. We went to a little baby pool in day break and a splash pad. It was great. The girls have a lot of fun together.

 We bought a slide for our backyard. The girls love it. They love being outside. Now we just need a fence. One thing at a time!
 Sharing the light up shoes. LOVE them!!!

 Lindsey and I starting our 10 K training. This was on our very first run. I need to take a new picture because our friend Jill has been running with us ever since.
 Aah! Can kids get any cuter? No! They cannot!

 My little girly girl. She's obsessed with accessorizing. I swear I have not influenced her.
 My mothers day gift for our sweet babes. The pearl is four our little angel in heaven. :) Love it.
 Another play date and dinner later with Dennis, Sarah and M. Love them!
 Charity ACTUALLY sat in a swing longer than a minute. She's a big sissy and has always gotten freaked out by it.
 Chuck's work had a work party at the zoo. Chuck and I were excitedly anticipating this for WEEKS. We were so excited to see the girls around the animals. Honestly I think the girls liked the Aquarium better. I think that was because they could see the fish up close. Most of the animals at the zoo you have to admire at a distance.
Baby's first Carousel ride. Harmony cracked up at first and then got scared until I rode with her.
 Charity on the other hand was too scared and clung to Chuck for the entire ride. Poor thing. She's our little scaredy cat.

 Checking out the animals.

 All tuckered out on the way home from the zoo.

 Kaela and her two kids were in town so we had a get together.
 Our little bridge
 Kaela, Kendra and I
 Denise and I cracking up. AnneMarie, Denise and I had dinner before Denise moves to England. LOVE these girls.

 Chuck had a birthday. Thanks to his mom we had a great date including dinner AND a movie. What a treat!!!

 I took the girls to the library to make a Fathers day craft. How cute are they???

 We went to Logan for the weekend to visit our friends Kevin, Natalie and G. We had a blast. They are hard core hosts and their house is beautiful!!!

 We went to Summerfest and ate what I'd term carnival food.

 We fed the ducks and had dinner, and dessert with our friends Fran, McKenzie and their girls joining us too.

 We also had a rip roaring game of Scattegories. We laughed til we cried!!! Gourds!
 the play room. The girls could play in here all day long.
 Our friend Abby and her two kids were in town. Our girls are all three weeks apart. Their boys are really close in age too. We played, ate and chatted. It was great.

 My friend Jane came into town from Colorado so we had a mini BYUH reunion. Jane and I went shopping all day and I worked as her personal shopper and loved it. She found some great stuff. That night we had dinner at the Blue Lemon and watched Lewis give a recital.
 After the recital we all went out for some ice cream. YUM.

 Jane and I with our finds. The shopping was for her but I indulged a little of course.
 Denise's last day of choir. :(
 Charity saying "Cheese!" Ha! Love!
 Harmony's mullet has gotten long enough to have a mini pony tail on top. I love it!

 Holding hands. They've started playing more with each other. I can now prompt them to chase each other, hold hands, and tickle each other. I love having twins. They're the funnest!!!
 We've been busy with great friends and having a blast. Tomorrow we fly out east for a great trip to visit my family. I'm looking forward to creating many more great memories.
Oh! And the girls are getting their eye teeth. Charity got all four at once and you never would've known. Harmony's are making a slow appearance and she's had some rough days and nights. Poor thing.
Life is great!