Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Pics (2nd month)

Here are a few random pics we took of the girls during the month of November.
Look how teeny!
The kept getting closer and closer to each other in their crib
until... bonk!
Chillin in the pac and play
tummy time. My mom and chuck were all gung ho about giving them tummy time at 6 weeks before they really had any head control. It was pretty much just time to lay on their tummy's. I love that they're looking at each other though.
Cuddles! I love my cuddle babies. They're so snuggly! I love that they have their arms around each other too. How perfect are they??? :)
Harmony lost her hair! I know babies start to rub it off in the back, but on the top of her head? Really? It was so sad and made me freak out a little bit. This pic was when my mom took off for souther utah for two days. I was freaked out of my mind to be on my own but we survived. This was a little snooze the girls took after eating one time. Poor Charity chose an awkward spot to fall asleep. haha.
Charity in her bouncer chair. I was a little disappointed with the bouncy chairs we got. They didn't recline so we couldn't put them in there very early. Since Charity was a little bigger she handled it better sooner. Here she is mastering the bouncy chair. So cute!

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