Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First sponge bath

Since the girls umbilical chords were still attached we needed to sponge bathe them for the first couple of weeks. It's scary when they're so little. You want to do everything right. You want to use the right products, wash the right areas the right way. We practiced in the hospital but having them home was a different story. We studied by watching youtube videos just to make sure.


They are such calm, sweet, content little babies. I love them so, so much!!! They are my little miracle angel babies. I cannot get over it!
Another shout out to my mom for coming and living with us. She was only going to stay for four weeks at first. After two weeks I started freaking out. I knew I wasn't ready for her to leave. She woke up with me at nights to help with feedings Sunday night through Wednesday night. Chuck worked four tens so he had Friday through Sundays off. He got up with me Thursday through Saturday nights.

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