Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two week Dr appointment

My mom and Denisha were able to go to their 2nd week well baby checkup. It's nice that their well baby check ups don't require a copay. I was beginning to go broke. Not quite, but kinda. :)
Their 2 week appointment went great. The Dr is now confident they're growing and eating well. He didn't need to see them for any additional visits. They're just so sweet. I was so, so sad for them to have their heel prick test though. I can't even remember who had who but I had one baby on the table and my mom and Denisha had another baby holding them when they cried getting poked and squeezed for blood. Sad. They did pretty good though and calmed down right away. The girls travel really well and are such good babies. They're so chill and sweet. I absolutely love being a mom more than anything. LOVE! 

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