Saturday, October 6, 2012

Visitors in the hospital

Don't you love technology? I'm going to consider my sister, Denisha, her family and my dad visitors via ipad. :) Chuck was a big fan.
 My mother in law Carol and sister in law Rosanne.
 My friend Tracy.
 Friends Dayna and Blake
 Sister in law Amber and her three kids Seth, Ben and Ainsley.
 Brother in law Austin and Mia
 with sister in law Rosanne and Alyssa.
 I didn't get pictures of my sweet Aunt Ellen or my amazing visiting teachers (who let us borrow her minivan to take the girls home) or my father in law Gordon. We have such sweet, loving family and friends.
We were in the hospital for five days: Tuesday October 2 (10-2-12) through Saturday October 6th. We listened to general conference in the car on our way home. Our friends Dennis, Sarah and their daughter Maggie visited us to watch conference together as well.
It worked out perfect that my six months maternity leave from the choir would end JUST in time for April conference. I'm glad I only had to miss October.

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