Saturday, October 13, 2012

My sister's in town!!!

My little sister Denisha came to town!!!
Denisha is a proud mother of three little girls. I have made it a point to go to Kentucky after the birth of each of her daughters. It was so sweet to bond with her and her new babies. She wanted to return the favor for me. It was a HUGE sacrifice for her and her family. Her husband, Rodney, had to take a week off of work, and she had to leave her little girls at home (ages 6, 4, and 2). I never had to sacrifice that much visiting her. I was so glad she came. I know she was glad to meet the girls but I know it was hard for her to be away from her girls at the same time. What complicated things was Paisley got sick and Bentley hurt her hand while she was away. Sad!
Denisha flew in on the 13th of October. Originally I was going to have the girls on Tuesday the 16th. That would give us a couple of days to get ready and we planned to see the movie Pitch Perfect together while she was here. Sadly I had them two weeks earlier, but it all worked out.
She's here!!! I was able to go with my mom to pick her up from the airport. I surprised her. yay!!! The first thing she did when she got there was change her clothes, hold the girls and then eat some dang food. She nearly starved herself on carrots on her flight from KY.
The girls were so excited to see her. :)
 Watching the sleeping babies on the monitor. :) One night Harmony (in the back) was staring right at the monitor without blinking. We were all dying laughing. It was so funny.
Picture! Just a random pic while I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans.
 She came to their two week Dr visit. Their heel pricks were so sad! I cried. Here she is holding the girls with their little band aids . :( I don't like the Dr.
 Taking two week old pics. She is the BEST!!! I'll dedicate a post to the pics. She's so talented. She's taken so many pics for Chuck and I. I am indebted to her up to my eyeballs!!! :)
 Holding the wee ones. So sweet!
 Feeding Harmony
 We went to see Pitch Perfect after all. My mom came too but she's obviously taking our picture for us. We LOOOOVED the movie. Chuck was a super stud and stayed home taking care of the girls on his own for the first time. He's amazing. We asked him if we should call someone to come over to help him. He not only refused help but was offended we'd even ask. :) My sis and I wearing matching sweaters. We are besties. We know the same movie quotes, we like the same everything. She completes me. And no, we're not twins but we have been asked in the past.
Thanks Denisha for coming out for their birth!!! I cannot wait until we can come visit you and see you again!! Our little girls need to be besties too!!!

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