Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chuck double bottle feeding

Let's just say feeding our little miracles was a little complicated. I decided to nurse my little miracles at the same time. It was all made possible with "The Brest Friend" twin size pillow. Chuck borrowed it to feed both babies a bottle. :) My doctor instructed me to nurse the babies, then bottle feed and then pump. It was a two hour process every 3-4 hours. Luckily I had my mom and Chuck there to help with bottle feedings and getting things setup each time.
I love nursing them at the same time. It's a bonding experience between each baby and I and a bonding experience for the babies. They hold hands and look and talk to each other. It is THE sweetest thing to watch. I love my girls! I love that their dad is such a loving, amazing husband. I hear stories of men who won't change diapers, etc. Chuck is such a capable, loving father. He loves his girls. I have the BEST little family ever. :)

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