Monday, October 15, 2012

Newborn Pics

Nothing is sweeter and more precious than brand new little babies. I am so grateful for my sister for capturing our little girls at their most vulnerable, newest little stage in life. They are so sweet!
 I love this one of them all snuggled together

 Harmony. I'm blowing up the individual shots of them to go over their beds in the nursery to always remember how they were when they first arrived. :)
We took some naked pics of the girls obviously. It's always a little risky to hold a baby with no diaper on. Denisha said she's seen babies pee without diapers during newborn shots a lot. Sure enough when I was holding Harmony, changing the girls positions, she peed all over me. Denisha's reaction was "Oh gross!". I said "What do you mean? You said newborns pee all of the time." She replied "Not on someone". Nice. Luckily I hadn't gotten dressed yet because I was covered. At least it was only pee! 
  Little Harmony. I LOVE these little ruffle outfits. We took them in in the shoulders. They're actually supposed to fit like Rompers but they look more like a little dress on my teeny babes.
 This shot is the money maker with both of them smiling. How sweet is this? It was so natural for the girls to be all snuggled next to each other. LOVE THEM!!!
 Some momma lovin
 I just adore these little girls. I heard having a child once described as having your heart outside of your body walking around. It's so true. They are a part of me out in the world. I love them more than anything and treasure EVERY SINGLE MOMENT I have with them. They are my greatest joy and blessing.
 Sweet little Charity
 Charity looks a little uncomfortable in this shot, poor thing.
 Grandma with the babies.
 So sweet.
 Before and after. Both experiences have been absolutely amazing.
My sweet angels.
 We LOVE our girls!!!
 These were just taken in our backyard. I LOVE the fall colors.

 This shot is amazing. Chuck is such a great dad. I always knew he would be. He absolutely loves his girls. He says he's nearly at the point of tears every time a girl smiles at him. I feel the same way. Parenthood is our greatest blessing in life.

I'm so, so glad my sister was able to take these lovely pictures! Thanks Denisha! I'm always amazed by your talent. Thank you for sharing it with us and capturing our sweet family!

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