Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cribs and bedding

When Chuck and I were creating our baby registries we couldn't find any cribs or bedding in our price range that we liked. Chuck talked it over with his dad (who is a finished carpenter) and they decided to make the cribs. I decided to make the bedding.
My parents were in town this summer. I borrowed a pattern from a friend. Chuck and I picked out all of the fabric. I found out I am super picky. We tried about five stores, and all kind of websites. I finally found fabrics I loved at Pineneedles (in Gardner Village). I bought some of the fabrics I found for cheaper online. My mom helped me get things started.
I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant. I just got home from working out with my trainer. Don't judge. :) 

Chuck's dad Gordon. He has an amazing shop at his house. Chuck drove down to Orem to work with him in it.
My dad was even able to go and help out one of the nights. Chuck went down one evening a week. He went on Thursday nights when I was in choir. Gordon did get some of the things done on his own though. They are talented woodworking men!
A few weeks later: working on the bedskirt. Sewing
Ta Da! The finished bedskirt.
The day we brought the girls home from the hospital the cribs got all set up. We set one crib up in our bedroom. They slept there for their first six weeks.  
 Chuck is in jail.
 Gordon setting things up. The second crib got setup in their nursery. We moved them into the nursery at six weeks. They shared a crib for the first three months.
 Chuck's mom Carol helping get things setup. Don't judge by the mess in the background.
 My mom left me to finish the rest of the bedding on my own. :) The babies approved. They're so sweet!!! I'm a little nervous for them to be home. It's a whole new ball game.
The finished products. Didn't they turn out amazingly??? I LOVE IT!!!
So beautiful! Our hard work paid off!
Harmony's Crib with the aztec print on the bumper and the paisley print in the skirt.
Charity's crib. The bedskirt and the bumper pads fabric was opposite of Harmony's. The sheet fabric was the same on both.
 We got the walls painted as well. The nursery still needs work before it's finished. I'll blog about the whole room once I get some of the prints made.
 Sweet Harmony waking up from a nap (4 1/2 months)
 Sweet Charity (same day)
I love my girls! I feel so, so blessed!
We're so lucky and blessed to have such amazing, supportive, talented parents. We owe Gordon HUGE for donating so much of his time and equipment for making the cribs possible. They turned out exactly how I described. They are sturdy and are better quality than any of our other furniture. They can transition to toddler beds and twin size beds also. They'll have these cribs forever. :)


  1. The cribs really are incredible. I am so highly impressed with their work!

  2. I still have crib envy :-)

    I need to have a baby first eh (uh and a husband ) ,,lol