Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Birth of Harmony Ruth and Charity Ava

I know I already blogged the birth story on my last blog but I just wanted to do a recap on my new blog and move on from here. :)

I had the girls in Murray at the Intermountain Medical Center. They are really well equipped for high risk pregnancies. I was considered high risk because of the twins. The pregnancy was perfect aside from my swollen feet. My delivery was planned for October 16. My doctor didn't want me to carry the girls longer than 38 weeks. I got a call from my nurse on October 1st however. She said because of my high blood pressure, swelling and protein in my urine (all signs of hypertension) I needed to deliver the next day. I freaked out a little. My mom wasn't flying in until the 9th. We weren't ready at all. I called Chuck who I didn't reach for another couple of hours. I then called my mom who changed her flight and was able to make it in that very same night to be there at the hospital with us. Luckily my mother in law, Carol, and sister in law Rosanne were already planning on coming up to help me get the nursery ready. They helped a great deal. We got things organized and were as prepared as we could be for the babies to come the very next day.

Arriving at the hospital at 5:30 am.
Swollen feet and legs. I really wasn't kidding. My doctor said swelling is most common in first pregnancies and multiple pregnancies. I had a double whammy.
 My doctor Natalie Loewen. She was amazing. Love her.
 Chuck all suited up to accompany me in the operating room.
 All prepped and ready for the c-section. I was terrified of every little thing: the spinal block, the catheter, the delivery, the babies, etc. I just had to focus on one thing at a time.

I asked Chuck for a play by play once they put the sheet up. The anesthesiologist setup a mirror so I could watch the delivery. I loved it. I got to see my babies enter the world. It was incredible.
 Leading up to the birth of the girls Chuck and I had a hard time agreeing on what one of the babies names would be. We both loved the name Charity. It was hard because of the significance behind the name Charity (it's a family name). I wanted something that would sound cute with it and we were both concerned with choosing another name with significant meaning as well. We decided on Harmony because my mothers maiden name is Harman and I love music as well.
There's also the aspect of which name to give which baby. Chuck and I both thought we would have one red head and one brunette baby. We felt we should name the red head Charity and the brunette Harmony. We were right. Harmony Ruth was baby A and was delivered at 7:25 am. She is our little brunette. She weighed 5 lb 9 oz and was 19" long.
Charity Ava was born at 7:26 am (one minute later). She weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. Even though they were only 36 1/2 weeks along they were good sized babies and were extremely healthy. We didn't have any complications or problems. They were so beautiful.
The story behind the middle names were we were inspired by my side of the family for both of the first names. Ruth is Chuck's grandmothers name and Ava is just a name we like. :)
My uterus didn't contract right away. Dr Loewen had to use a couple different medications to get it. They also used a lot of pressure on it as well. I could feel pushing and such. It was uncomfortable but it finally worked. I was worried at first because my little sister, Denisha, had a really hard time with that as well.

Meeting and holding my girls for the first time! They were so beautiful. I was instantly in LOVE. Chuck and I were on cloud 9!
After getting stitched up we were rolled back into a normal hospital room where my mom was waiting.
Here are the girls. We loved putting them in the same bassinet. The nurses didn't love it because it was hard for them to keep them straight as it was. Our girls just love being close. It was a wonderful experience. We're so, so happy and look forward to fun adventures everyday!

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