Monday, October 8, 2012

Buying a Minivan

Since neither of our vehicles could fit two rear facing car seats Chuck and I knew we needed a new vehicle. We went car shopping on a couple different occasions but we were waiting to get a little closer to my due date. Little did we know my due date would change so drastically. Chuck went shopping on Columbus day to trade his jeep in for a much more responsible automobile.
Chuck and his jeep aka "his baby". He bought it back in 1999. It was his first and only vehicle. It was harder for him to trade it in than he thought. He's so great.
 The new van. I stayed home with the babies but I made him take me for a test drive once he knew he liked this one. He and I were both shocked he settled on a beige van. My car is beige and he has always hated it. When you buy used you have little choice though. It's an 06 with all the bells and whistles. We love it. We settled on a Sienna over the Odyssey because it has more than enough leg room for him. That RARELY ever happens.
We love our van. It is so nice. I love being able to open the doors with the remote. The seats are so accessible to put the car seats in. It's such a smooth ride with so much storage space. We love it!

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