Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Visitors within the first month

My sweet friend Karly came into town and got to meet my sweet girls.
 The Millers. Our girls love their cousins. I haven't taken enough pics with their cousins on Chucks side whom they love as well.
 My bestie from the choir, AnneMarie. (My friend Kirsten from the choir came over to meet the girls as well.)

 My sweet friend Katie and her daughter.
 My niece Mia. My mother in law and sisters in laws came over with their kids. Mia LOVED helping with the baths.
 Andrea came into town from Cali
 and brought her nieces (who have twin siblings of their own) and Mom, Sue.
 My Aunt Ellen and cousin Sherrie
We also had a number of great friends from our neighborhood stop by. I had one embarassing moment. A couple from the neighborhood came over one night that Chuck and I were getting ready to go out together. (My mom was going to babysit.) I hopped in the shower. When I was getting dressed I heard a baby crying. I came out in my undies to ask if I had a hungry baby and there they were. WOOPS! Luckily he's a retired cop who learned to look away when someone enters a room. The wife was the only one who saw. They were really great about it and we all had a good laugh.
We love, love, love our friends and family who are so loving, supportive, and want to play such an active role in our little girls lives.

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  1. That's so nice you had so many visitors at the hospital and home. And that story of you walking out in your undies cracks me up! Hilarious! Good thing you weren't showing off more and that the man looked away! :)