Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One week DR visit

Since the girls were born preemie and had lost close to the 10% of weight in the hospital our Pediatrician, Dr Cox wanted to see them at one week instead of waiting until two weeks. His office just opened a new location in Riverton. We live closer to their South Jordan location but they couldn't fit us in that office in time. They could fit us into the Riverton office however. My mom and I got the girls all packed up and ready.
This is our first real trip out of the house. Yay!
We got all checked in and taken back. The first thing we did was strip down the babies to a dry diaper for their weight. Harmony weighed in at 5.4 and Charity weighed in at 5.8. He was concerned their weight hadn't gone up from leaving the hospital. He was interested to know how much they were eating. We decided I would feed them and then weigh them again. Keep in mind I use a pillow to feed them. I sat up on the table and crossed my legs to try to imitate it. It was a nightmare. The girls weren't nursing well. They kept pulling away. I tried nursing them individually. I was so uncomfortable. It was cold and took so long that my pain medication wore off. It was a nightmare. Finally we decided each of the girls had nursed for 30 minutes and re-weighed them. While reweighing them the Dr discovered the scale was set to pounds instead of pounds and ounces. The difference? When 5.8 looks like 5 lbs 8 oz it was really 5 lb 14 oz. I was beyond frustrated. He looked at the weights and said "Oh! I'm okay with those numbers!" UGH!!! I just walked away tearing up. I couldn't believe the past few hours were for naught. We could've done without all of the struggling and pain. I knew it wasn't anyones fault so I didn't make a big deal about it. I just wanted to leave. I wanted to eat, go home and take some meds. YIKES!
He wanted to see Harmony in another couple of days though to make sure she was still growing. Those two appointments were not "Well baby" appointments so we were charged our office copay. Copay for two babies means double copay. I never thought about that. Ouch.
At the other Dr visit he took a look at both babies to be sure. All was well. He was happy with their growth but it was then he suggested nursing, bottle feeding and pumping. The girls were using up too much energy nursing for so long. It was a pain but it worked.
All told we were at the Dr's for THREE hours.

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