Tuesday, April 2, 2013

6 months old!

My babies are SIX months old! Can you believe it? They are just growing and are so incredibly cute and fun. I think is the perfect age. They are interacting, ticklish, smiley, cute, and happy but not yet mobile. They smile and laugh at each other. I am just so obsessed with my little punkins! Life could NOT be any sweeter!

 No touchy!

 Holdin' hands
 LOVE that I got two smiles in this one

 SO sad this one is fuzzy with Harmony flashing her million dollar smile
 Charity's stink eye. haha
 biting the bottom lip.
I love my sweet happy girls! They are growing up so fast but I am drinking in every moment and every stage! LOVE them!

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  1. Love all these pictures, especially the smiley one :) Can't believe how much they have grown and how they are still fitting into those little outfits. Love, love!