Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chuck is flying solo at church!

This Sunday was the first Sunday Chuck was on his own with getting himself and the girls to church at 9 am. He wasn't nervous about the three hours at church, just getting them ready and out the door. The great people in our ward all know I was going back to choir and were anticipating him needing some help. I even had a long Sunday so I didn't get home until they did. I texted him at 11 to see how things were going. He said they were going fine. I couldn't wait to get home to see how he dressed them and hear all about how things worked out. This is what I came home to. Picture perfect! All dressed up in their Sunday dresses and socks and shoes. So cute!  
The girls were great. He asked for help when he needed it and people were always there and MORE than willing to help him. We could not live next to better people. They are amazing. It's so nice to know that my sweet family is in good hands while I'm away. My heart is at peace. :)

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