Saturday, April 13, 2013

Harmony has two teeth!!!

Sometimes Harmony is my little ADD baby and likes to get distracted when she eats. I've learned if I touch her mouth to change the direction of her head I can get her back to nursing. On April 3rd I felt her first tooth as I did that. I just happened upon it. She didn't have any symptoms of a tooth growing in. She was her happy, cheerful little self. It was so cute to see her little tooth popping through! She did have the rosy cheeks and nose which I remember somewhere on the Internet said was a symptom of teething. 
 10 days later on April 13th I found tooth #2!!
 I loved her little smile in this one. She's one smiley girl!
I think Charity is close behind. She's been having sporadic rosy cheeks and nose as well. My girls are growing up. It is so cute to watch. I'm in heaven!

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