Thursday, April 18, 2013

6 1/2 month Dr visit

I always get nervous taking the girls to the Dr. I hate having to watch them get shots. It's the WORST. I love checking in with the doctor to see how they're doing, however.
I'm not going to lie. I also stress about messing up their schedule as well. They eat and sleep so often and I don't want to mess it up. The appointment was at 10 am. They usually wake up at 7, eat first thing and then are ready to go back to sleep by 8/8:30 am. I thought that if I packed them up in their car seat and drove around for an hour it wouldn't mess up their sleeping schedule too bad. Well they didn't sleep so I kept driving around. After they'd been asleep for a few minutes I pulled up in the parking lot and they woke up when I turned the car off. Woops. I decided to drive around a little more. They cat napped but that was about it. It turned out my plan wasn't so great but it all worked out okay.
Chuck was able to get off of work and come to the visit with me. It was so nice having him there.
I LOVE my doctor and doctors office. The well baby visits are upstairs in a totally different suite than the sick baby visits. My girls don't have to share waiting rooms with germy sick babies. They get back right away and my doctor sits for as long as we want and answers all of our first time parent paranoid questions. He's young, personable and so, so great. We couldn't have found a better doctor. He said the girls are looking great and was surprised at how active Harmony was. I had her up on the table with me and she was just crawling around. It was adorable. Charity just chilled in Chuck's arms. My girls are just such angels.
They are growing right along. The Dr was very pleased. Here are their stats:

Height: 25.8" 30th percentile
Weight: 15.3 lbs 25th percentile
Head: 16.9" 25th percentile

Height: 27.2" 75th percentile
Weight: 17.13 lbs 90th percentile
Head: 17.2" 50th percentile

Dr. Cox said we could start the girls on solids two times a day. I've never had enough to feed both of them nursing alone. I usually supplement with formula and now we're supplementing with baby food as well. We have been feeding them baby food for their last meal of the day after Chuck gets home so we can both be there to feed them (one on one). He said to make sure to start them with one food a day to make sure they don't have allergies to anything. We're also up to Stage 2 foods. With feeding them solids two times a day means I'll need to try feeding them solids by myself. We'll see how that goes.
He also said we need to start brushing their teeth. Charity will be getting hers soon. She has two little buds under the skin. He said we should start them on a training toothpaste with no fluoride (he'll let us know when to change it). Can I just say how reassuring it is to have a professional tell you what you should be doing every step of the way. I LOVE that! We asked him other random questions that he was great about answering.
And... the shots. Boo! The girls actually did really well considering they got shots. We had Harmony go first. I think that went a lot better. Last time we had Charity go first and it scared Harmony to hear her cry that she wouldn't take the oral medicine. It was so sad. She got her shots first and didn't holler as loud as she has. She just sobbed quietly and cuddled up tight into my chest. It was really sweet. She calmed really fast too. Charity didn't cry until she got her shots and cried quietly cuddling into Chuck as well. They both did so well, got their snuggles and calmed right down.
We then loaded them in the car, ate and then they took a nap. It went a lot better than I feared. Yay! They're growing. Even though the girls are nearly 3 lbs apart the doctor said they both look great, are right on target developmentally and just as perfect as can be (at least I think so).

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