Friday, April 5, 2013

growing (6 month clothes)

I spent my day yesterday switching out the next round of clothes. My little ones have out grown their 3-6 month clothes. In the closet I have their current sizes on the left hand side of the closet and their next size of clothes on the right hand side of the closet. I moved their six month clothes to the left and got the nine month clothes all washed and hung on the right side of the closet. My friend Ann has twin girls that just turned two years old. They are her 5th and 6th kids. We have bought big items from her but she has given us two boxes of clothes and shoes. We're just getting into the clothes she has given us. It is saving us HUNDREDS of dollars. Thanks Ann! It's so generous. We're set at least for the girls first year of their life. With all the gifts and hand me downs we have only bought five pairs of sleepers (clothes wise).
We have been so blessed by the generosity of others. I cannot thank all of you enough! My girls are growing up so fast!

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