Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter everyone! I love Easter. I love celebrating our Savior and his selfless atoning sacrifice for each of us. He overcame death that we all might live again! I enjoyed this video!
Today was my LAST day attending all of my church meetings with my sweet family before returning to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Tuesday night. I know Chuck is a very capable father and our ward is so loving and supportive. I'm sure they'll be great with helping him out. I think it will just be a matter of him getting used to things. It was wonderful to attend church together however.
This evening we had an amazing meal at Chuck's parents house. Well, we have a dinner at their house every Sunday night. Tonight we took pics of all the cousins. Carol made each of the grand kids a clothing item in the same fabric. She made the boys bow ties, the older girls skirts, and our babies dresses. Thank you for the dresses, Carol. I love that they were all matching. So cute! I was amazed the pic turned out as well as it did too.

L to R Back row: Seth, Mia, Alexa holding Harmony, Ainsley, and Ben
L to R Front row: Phoebe, Alyssa holding Charity, and Sam

The girls cousins are so good with them. They love to hold and help the babies.

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