Monday, March 25, 2013

Sick babies

The girls have been sick for the first time. I know congestion and runny noses don't sound like a big deal but it is, okay? I got a cold last week and I think I infected them. Boo! Thursday night Harmony got up in the middle of the night with boogers everywhere. Charity followed about 12 hours in her place. We tried children's Tylenol. It was all I had. I went to the store and got baby Vick's. We later purchased a humidifier, and propped their mattresses. We had to use the nasal aspirators too. Oh, the poor babies HATE it. Harmony acts like she is being tortured. They were fussier, sad little babies. ugh. Sad babies times two is not easy. Hence the reason I did everything in my power to keep them well.
Friday being on my own with two sick babies kicked my butt. I was so glad when Saturday rolled around and Chuck was home to help. What a blessing. My poor babies. Sunday afternoon my friend Connie let us borrow some of her essential oils. Some were for immunity building and one was for congestion. We've been using them for a day and my happy, healthy girls are almost back 100%. They're sleeping better and are much cheerier and 99% less gunky. I hope by tomorrow they'll be completely over it. I'm so happy they're feeling better. It's so hard to feel so helpless.


  1. Sad! It's always harder to nurse babies with stuffy noses. Poor things...glad they are feeling better!