Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Andrea's visit

My friend Andrea is in town! Andrea and I go back to 2004. We've been friends, roommates, etc. She is a BLAST. I love it when she visits from San Diego. She came into town to have foot surgery. It wasn't the best of circumstances but I was happy to see her. She was last in town when the girls were 3 weeks old I think. It was fun for her to see the girls now that they're more interactive and rolling around and such.  
Andrea's niece Hazel is in the picture with us. She and her brother Jack are twins too. It was so fun to see Andrea and her family again.
 Andrea and I before her drive south with her mom. We barely fit the visit in before they hit the road but it worked out perfectly.
 Hazel helping put the girls in their car seats. She and Jack were so cute with the girls.
Good luck in your recovery Andrea! We hope to see you again soon!

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