Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back to church and family functions

We kept the girls home for pretty much all of January and February. We wanted to keep them away from large groups of people during the worst months for flu and RSV. It worked! (knock on wood). The girls have been completely happy and healthy. We are so grateful for that and don't care what anyone thinks or says to disagree. I followed Dr's orders and it worked. That was reason enough for me.
I digress.
I was so ready to bring the girls to church with us again. Chuck and I have just been taking turns. It was so nice to go together and have our girls with us. It was SO nice! We fed the girls, got them dressed, and got ourselves ready from 7-9. We got to church just in time for them to take a nap during sacrament meeting.
We had been taking them in the stroller so we wouldn't have to cart two car seats around. That banishes us to the very back, sitting all alone. I hate the back. This Sunday we went without the stroller and carted them around and sat in the front section. It was so nice and much more social. Our ward was so happy to see them. They were held by friends in both meetings. Chuck and I each take a baby for the last hour of meetings.
I intend to go back to choir starting April 2 (just in time for conference). Chuck will then be on his own for at least the first two hours of church. I know he is capable and I know our ward is so supportive and will be there for him. We see March as the month to prepare him to be on his own. I'm nervous about going back and leaving him but I feel strongly about having something in my life that I love, that will make me a better person, that I can accomplish away from home for just a few short hours a week.
Every Sunday night Chuck's family gets together for a dinner. We've been staying away from that as well. It was a sacrifice to miss it for so long but we're excited to go back to that as well just in time for a couple of birthdays. It was good seeing everyone. It's so cute to see the cousins interact with the girls. All of the kids are so sweet with them.
I was still a little nervous about the girls getting sick (our pediatrician advised to stay in through March but the illnesses are on the decline and we felt okay about it) but they did just fine and are still their happy, healthy selves. For that I am grateful! It's so good to be back out there. Scheduling is still hard and we don't take the girls many other places. I'm easing my way into it.

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