Monday, March 25, 2013

New Hair Do!

With Ombre being all the rave I decided to go a red ombre back in August. (Total side note about the Ombre look. I happened to be watching Fashion Police a couple of months ago when Giulianna commented about Lea Michelle's Ombre hair by saying it was so 2011! *blush* I felt better about myself when the box hair dye's came out with an ombre box in 2013. Luckily I don't have to keep with Hollywood's trends on their timetable. :)
Here's a pic for a shower I threw with my friend Kris for my friend Becky who had her little boy Camden exactly 2 weeks before the girls were born. It was so fun to be pregnant with her.
Notice my hair though. So it was darker at the roots faded to a red and then copper at the tips. I loved it. I though it was a fun, different look.
I thought it turned out beautifully in the newborn shots of the girls as well. (Notice my roots growing in though. SO noticeable.) 
Brown hair and red roots is just a lot of upkeep. With the summer coming I needed a lower maintenance color and a lighter look. I missed my all over red.
 So! JulieKaye did it again. I've never strayed from the red family so it was a new experience to have to go from dark to light color. It's high maintenance and required almost three hours. Luckily my amazing mother in law carol and sister in law Rosanne were able to watch the girls for me. JulieKaye bleached it and then had to recolor it. It turned out AMAZINGLY! I am SO in love with the color and how it all turned out. LOVE IT!!!

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