Saturday, March 2, 2013

A day in the life...

I wish I'd done a post like this for every month previous to this. It's a goal of mine to keep it up in the future

As of today here's our approximate daily schedule:

7am Eating time: For the morning feedings Chuck helps me get the girls up. They coo and grunt around in bed until we get them.
(The girls wake up and nurse, then bottle feed to top them off. Chuck has started helping me feed the girls cereal in between nursing and bottle feeding before he leaves for work in the mornings. They started eating cereal Feb 17. They're getting better but still spit out all of their food every other bite or so.)

8am Play time or Bath time.
(Play time: I bathe the girls every other day. For play time I either talk or sing to them standing/sitting on my lap. They also like to lay on the floor. (Charity just started rolling over on Friday.) They love their little fabric books and little link toys. They love to smile and talk to each other. They are content to just play together without me. I'll also read them stories.
Bath time: I bathe the girls separately on the baby bath in the tub. I cannot WAIT until they can sit up on their own and can bathe together. Is there anything cuter than that?)

9am nap time for the babies. I usually eat breakfast and do the dishes/laundry.

10am. Eating time again. I get them up, and change them one at a time. They are so good and patiently wait for me to help their sister (for the most part).

11 am Play time again

12 am nap time again. I try to fit in a work out, shower and lunch.

1pm Eating time

2 pm Play time (see a pattern?)

3pm nap time. I maybe fold laundry, put clothes away, blog, etc.

4 pm Eat time

5pm Play time

6pm Go to sleep for the night!

They started sleeping for 12-13 hours a night about a month ago. It is so nice they are such amazing sleepers. In the evenings I've been known to go to book group, out to girls nights, go grocery shopping, but mostly I get to just stay in for some quality time with my sweet hubby.

I make sure to pump at night before I go to sleep at 11pm. Chuck and I get a solid 8 hours of sleep. It's amazing. They are such good/sweet babies. They rarely ever cry. They are so sweet and so smiley. I am so, so in love! We feel so blessed and pray prayers of gratitude to our Father in Heaven for them at least three times a day! I feel so, so blessed!

We've been keeping the girls at home for the past couple of months to avoid all the illnesses that have been passed around out there. It has been very successful. It's nice to stay at home. I can keep them on their schedule with no interruptions. But... this past week it started getting to me. I'm ready to be able to leave the house with them and I'm ready to show them off again. I love my girls and I don't want to hog them all to myself (not entirely).

We're ready to take them out now. While I'm excited to have a few more options to my day (running errands, visiting others, going to lunches, etc) I'm scared about how they'll react and handle not being home all the time. We shall see... :)

That's my day. Not too shabby. I wouldn't trade it for anything. They keep me busy. I'm not sure what other mothers experience. The girls dictate their own schedule and I go with it just as long as they stay on the same schedule. I LOVE my life!


  1. They are getting bigger and they are oh so cute! I need to come visit you again!

  2. That's pretty similar to our day, except that we have 1 or 2 extra feedings in there since Elsie is only sleeping 8-9 hours. It is AMAZING that you have not one, but TWO sleeping 12-13. You are super lucky with that!