Monday, December 17, 2012

Play date with Ward and Elsie!

Remember my friends Laura and Kendra?
Our babies have been friends since they were in our bellies! :) (This pic was taken at the end of July at my baby shower). So fun!
And here we are at our first play date!
L to R: Laura and Ward, Me with Harmony and Charity and Kendra and Elsie.

 All the babies playing together.
 We woke Ward up from his nap for this pic. We let Elsie sleep through it however. I can't wait for more play dates! (On a side note since I'm really blogging this in March: Laura is moving away to Seattle. Sad day! We're going to fit in one more play date with all of us before they go. We're excited for them but sad they're moving SO far away!)
I didn't take pics of Laura's three older kids and Kendra's one. The big kids had a lot of fun playing too. It was such a fun day!
I LOVE how many of my very close friends were pregnant when I was. I already blogged about my friend Jane and her baby Maren born 4 weeks after the girls. Kendra's baby, Elsie, was born only 2 days before the girls. She wins the prize for being closest in age. Ward was born 2 months before the girls. We have a bunch of other friends too. I can't wait to blog about those play dates as well!

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