Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jane and Maren

I've known my friend Jane since college, ten years ago. She and I have stayed in touch really well. We get together as often as we can. I've visited her in California, Colorado, but not Australia. She and her cute family have been living there for a couple of years. She has three little kids now. We've always thought it would be fun to be pregnant together and have our kids the same age. By her third, Maren, we finally got it right. Maren was born two weeks after my little girls.
We didn't think our girls would be meeting for a while, but Jane had a surprise visit to Utah. Her cousin Natalie passed away. I met Natalie through Jane. I hung out with Natalie around Jane, went to her wedding, drove to Colorado and stayed together for Jane's wedding and hiked the Y together. Natalie was diagnosed with cancer six weeks before her passing. It was all so quick and so sudden. She's my age! She has two little kids. It's really sad. She and Jane were best cousin friends. Jane couldn't miss her funeral. It was a bittersweet visit from Jane.
I met Jane at the funeral down in Spanish Fork by myself. The funeral was beautiful. Her kids were three and one. Her baby said "Bye mommy" when they closed the casket. Is your heart breaking? So sad! After the funeral I stayed at the luncheon with Jane's family who I know very well. Jane and I had a bonding/pumping moment together in the mothers lounge. Jane and her sister went to the burial up in Logan.
Chuck and I took the girls up to Ogden to meet up with Jane and her family later that night. Our girls got to hang out for the first time. They really hit it off! :)
 It was great to see Jane and catch up.
It's so fun our girls are two weeks apart. I love that my babies have built in friends.

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