Friday, February 15, 2013

4 month Dr visit

When I first had the girls I was excited for Dr visits. It meant measurements and updates. I loved knowing what the Dr thought about their progress. Now it just means shots and sad babies. boo!
This morning I realized I couldn't bring the girls to their Dr appointment by myself. I have always had someone there with me. Chuck couldn't arrange his schedule so last minute so I thought of friends in the neighborhood who might be available. I contacted my friend Karen. Her youngest just went to Kindergarten this year and she has offered to come and help out. I called Karen and she willingly accepted to come help me.
The Dr appointment was scheduled for 3:45 pm. I don't really know the girls schedule until that moment. They eat every 3-4 hours or so. They ate at noon so I knew 3:45 was going to be bad. Leaving the house would be right during nap time and arriving there would be during eating time. UGH!!! I was so stressed. I didn't know what to do. I was worried a bad Dr visit with shots would be made worse by having hungry, tired babies. They did so well for the most part.
Karen and I stripped the babies down for their measurements.
Harmony's 4 month measurements:
  • Height: 24.6" (15%)
  • Weight: 12.15 (30%)
  • Head: 16.4" (30%)
Charity's 4 month measurements:
  • Height: 25.4" (50%)
  • Weight: 14.9 (75%)
  • Head: 16.4" (30%)
This probably sounds dumb, and I'm so grateful they're so healthy, but I'm nervous about Charity being nearly 2 lbs heavier than Harmony. They're both happy and healthy and eat about the same. I think Charity was blessed with my metabolism, let's be honest. I just know I'd hate being "the fat twin". You know? I know their weight right now doesn't mean anything. I just wonder if weight will be an issue for Charity in the future. It just is a thought I've had. Another total random thought I have had: I think Harmony is going to be a little dancer. She moves so gracefully. I just wanted to say that out loud for when she grows up and I'm right.

The Dr was very pleased. He asked me about their development. They are laughing, smiling, rolling (Charity is close), grabbing, holding toys, etc... They're right on track and right on schedule. He also suggested we start feeding them oatmeal cereal. Once they get the hang of that start feeding them a different baby food a day. Only feed them baby food one time a day. He also suggested a 1% Hydrocortizone cream for Harmony's skin. She has sensitive skin. She has had kind of rashes and dry spots. It's sad. Aquaphor has helped a lot with that as well.

While we were holding the babies talking to the Dr, Harmony's bottom lip stuck right out. So sad. I should have fed her right then and there. The girls don't like having their feedings interrupted so I just got the bottle ready for when her shots were done. Charity's shots were first and she cried and cried. It was so sad. The instant Charity started crying Harmony lost it. Ugh. Break my heart. They don't cry much so it scared Harmony to hear Charity cry. So, so sad. She was so sad she wouldn't take the oral medicine. She cried all through her shots as well. Then Charity cried because Harmony was crying. They're very sympathetic.
Karen took Charity into the hall to calm her down away from her crying sister. Charity wouldn't take a bottle so Karen just rocked her. I tried nursing Harmony because she was so upset. It calmed her down but she wasn't drinking. I just knew we needed to get the babies dressed and home to have a real feeding, calming experience. The girls calmed right down once we laid them in their car seats. Crying that hard wore them right out. It wore me out too.
They slept all the way home. I nursed them when we got back but then a fresh round of panic set in. Chuck's mom and sister had graciously offered to babysit tonight for us. I called her to tell her I didn't think it was a good night. I hadn't thought about the shots and our post-Valentine's day date being on the same day. It was too late to reschedule.
I was worried the girls would be feverish and sad from their shots. We left the girls in capable hands and went to dinner. The girls did just fine. They were given another dose of children's Tylenol before bed and slept just fine.
I hear shots only get worse from here. They'll soon recognize the Dr's office and cry just getting there. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
I love the age the girls are at right now. They are so sweet and so fun. They're starting to coo and interact, but are not yet mobile. :) I love them so much and feel so, so blessed to have them in my life!

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