Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The folks and sista visit

I'm ashamed I didn't take more pictures while my parents and sister were in town for nearly three weeks. They came into town just in time to see my last Christmas Concert with the MOTAB and stayed through Christmas and New Years. 
Of course we had to fit in a hair braiding. 

I got Charisse sick so she wore a mask whenever she needed to cough. We said it looked like she had a trachiotomy. haha! She was a good sport about it. There was a LOT of card playing. Not just any cards but Hand and Foot.
Grandma and Grandpa. The girls LOVED having them stay with us. They loved being read to, cuddled with, and I loved the extra set of hands and all the free babysitting.
Auntie with the babes
Grandpa reading their favorite new story they got from them. 
Saying our goodbye's. Don't mind my smoker voice. Yikes! We love and will miss you guys! 

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