Friday, January 17, 2014

Charity's Pink Eye

Yesterday I noticed the area under Charity's left eye was pink. I called the nurse to see what she said. She wasn't concerned since her actual eye was fine. She told me to keep an eye on it. If it began swelling or got any redder I should bring her in. During the night she woke up. It seemed a little puffy and to be bothering her so I gave her some benadryl. It took care of the puffiness but not the redness just on the area around the eye. We were going to spend the weekend with some friends of ours who is also a nurse. She wasn't concerned either. Last night Today I was on a walk with the girls and a friend of mine saw that her eye was a little weepy and gunky. She suggested I take her into the Dr. I called in and they could fit her in immediately. The Dr. said it was in fact pink eye and wrote a prescription. My poor baby. He said the dose would be big enough just in case "someone" else got it. He said to put drops in both eyes in case it spread. No one else got it, it didn't spread. It must've been an extremely mild case. It's highly contagious until after 24 hours of using the drops, however. Our weekend plans were put on hold needless to say. Look at that sad face. She took it like a champ though. 
That day WIPED me out though. I had the girls on a walk. Had to rush home, take them inside, change their diapers, load them and the stroller in the car, rush over, take them out, load them in the stroller, restrain charity while the Dr checked her out (which is NOT easy), reload them in the car, take them to target for the drops, Charity had a blow out, change her while the scrip was getting filled, reload them in the car, take them home, get them out, changed and put down for a very late afternoon nap. All the while my phone was dying, and being in a hurry. I held Charity down to give her the drops, put them down for a nap and COLLAPSED on the couch. Chuck came home a little while later to me staring at the wall. He hesitantly asked "are... you... okay?" "No. No, I'm not okay." I was EXHAUSTED. But we got the meds and the pink eye kicked to the curb. All's well that ends well.

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