Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Dinner

To say thank you for a year of service the choir treats us to a very nice dinner after the Christmas concert is over each December. My folks babysat the girls so Chuck and I could enjoy an amazing night out with the choir. I love going to the dinners. It's just a time for us to have fun and be social. I love it!
 It's in the Grand America Ballroom. Here are the thousand such of us. We're a large group. It's the choir, orchestra, bells, staff, and their spouses or guests. So fun!
 The food was amazing but I didn't love my dessert. It's name made it sound a lot better than it was. Once someone explained it as being hazelnut flavored day old gravy I was done. The cookies were good though.
 My gals Nancy, Kim and Denise
 Katie and I
 Ivalani and Johnny. I've known them for thirteen years. Impressive! Love them.
 Kirsten and Shelly in front of a HUGE and very real ginger bread house.
 Denise and I. LOVE this gal.
 Trying to capture my makeup. I love how it turned out.

The girls were great for grandma and grandpa. We owe them big time! What a fun, fun night! It's always a treat. Thank you Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the amazing dinner. The entertainment was hilarious but I promised not to tell. ;)

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