Friday, November 29, 2013

My cuz, Jess!

For Thanksgiving this year my cousin Jessica had a week off of work. I talked her into coming up to visit from Arizona and she agreed. YAY! I hadn't seen her in a year and a half and she'd never met the girls before. It was perfect. She's a foster mom of FOUR little boys ranging in age from 2-5. I was a little intimidated about having them over as well but I was excited to meet them. She's amazing. She works full time, and is also getting her doctorate degree. I'm not sure how she does it either. Seeing the EIGHT of us in public was a sight to see. Me with my twin girls and her four little boys. We went shopping at Buybuybaby, Ikea, Deseret Book, went to the park, etc... The hardest part of the day was quietly entertaining the boys during the girls morning nap. The most magical part of the day was during the afternoon when all the kids took naps at the same time and left time for us to hang out. I loved having her come to visit. Thanks for coming Jessica! Come back ANYTIME!!!

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