Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Parties

We love our friends Kev and Nat. We're sad they've moved farther away from us. We were lucky enough to have them come into town just a couple weeks before Halloween. We've had two Halloween parties with them previously. We decided to dress up and everything. This year our family wanted to have a "Despicable Me" theme. I'm Vector, Chuck is Gru and the girls are minions. 

 The costumes are not complete. I need a white collar and the girls eye ball head bands need goggle looking covers and yellow shirts. 
 Kev, Nat and Grant are all cowboys. I LOVE the mustaches.
 The girls and Grant are almost exactly one year apart. We both missed each others birthday parties so we had a gift exchange too. the girls got new books which they LOVE.

For our party I made a dinner. For snacks we had which finger pretzel rods and candy.
 Stew in a pumpkin. I don't mean to toot my own horn here but it was DELISH!
We were all big fans! If you're interested here's the recipe.
 Nat brought these yummy, super cute spider web sugar cookies too. She's amazing.
We also went to our favorite yearly Halloween party thrown by our cute friends Jeff and Cristi! The only one I haven't been to since they started it nine years ago was last year with three week old babies. 
Ging, Cristi and I met in the MTC 13 years ago. We were all roomies and went to Hawaii on our missions. I LOVE these girls. LOTS has happened in thirteen years. 
 Cristi and Jeff with their boys. I mean Minnie, Goofy, Mickey and Donald. How cute are they?
Ging and Dan with their kids. The Pirates, Merida, Iron Man and the minion. Ginger MADE all of their costumes. She's amazing!!! LOVE all of their costumes.
 We LOVE our friends. They are the best! It was so great to see them and hang out before the girls were done.

And... our costumes in their finished and complete glory. I'm happy with how it turned out. I love to do family themes. I didn't love how popular the minion costumes were. There were at least 10 other minions at the party. They were all different and all pretty darn cute. Minions are more popular than I knew. I am proud to report I was the one and only Vector though. :) It was fun. I'm going to have to try to be a little more original with next years costumes. :)

We had a blast this year with all of our friends. The girls got their first real taste of dressing up. Last year I was pretty lame I will admit. My mom bought them cute little lambie hats so they were little lambs. :) Oh my PRECIOUS!!! 
Next year will be even more fun to have them got trick or treating for the first time. Happy Halloween all!!!

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  1. So fun! What a great family costume. I miss you guys. I need another visit!