Monday, May 27, 2013

A day in the life (7 1/2 months)

I cannot get over what good, sweet babies I have! My intention is not to brag, but to express my gratitude and acknowledgement of how very blessed I am. Everyday I'm pleasantly surprised by how good natured and well mannered they are (doubly so). I haven't posted a "day in the life" post since five months because their schedule really hasn't changed. I'm going to post it anyway. This is a general schedule.

7:00 am Wake up and eat breakfast

7:30 am (every other day) Take a bath or play

8:00 am Nap time (I try to fit in a workout and eat breakfast)

9:30 am wake up and eat brunch


11:00 am nap time (do dishes, fold laundry, put diapers together)

12:30 pm wake up eat lunch


2:00 pm nap time (eat lunch, clean, do yard work)

3:30 pm wake up eat supper


5:30 nap time (I'll make dinner, etc)

6:30 eat dinner


7:30/8:00 go to bed for the night

Feedings: I feed them solids one to two times a day. They gag on their fruits but love their veggies. I mix fruits into their oatmeal to introduce the flavors and they're fine with that. They're cute gagging faces CRACK me right up! The rest of the meals we bottle feed. Charity loves to barrel roll and thinks she should be able to drink from her bottle in any position. She doesn't like it when I try to keep her in one spot. It makes feeding two babies difficult. For the past few months I just set them in their boppies and feed each of them with one hand. Now I've mastered holding a baby on my lap and feeding them with a bottle while feeding the other in the boppy only when necessary. Don't get me wrong. Harmony can be quite active as well. At least they take turns. 
Play time: I love watching them crawl around now that they're both mobile. Harmony's favorite thing to do is sit in a hurkey position or nearly in the splits and play with toys. Charity loves to roll around and army crawl. She'll quit anything she's doing to knock down the cup tower. Harmony loves to play with Charity's hair and just cracks right up. She is so ticklish and will just laugh and laugh. Charity doesn't seem to be as ticklish but she's always full of the sweetest little smiles and grins. They are just the sweetest babies. I cannot get over how lucky I am. They are SO worth the wait! 
We recently purchased jumpers for the girls because of how they act in their exersaucers. Charity would jump and jump while Harmony would rock. It took a WHILE but Charity has caught on to the jumpers and LOVES it. She energetically jumps and jumps. Harmony just kind of dangles there and still doesn't love it. 
We just started showing them "Signing Times" too. We watched the Eating and Drinking chapter today. I was talking about each sign and showing them while it was playing. Harmony mimicked the "milk" sign. At first I thought it was a fluke but she did it again. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Little smarty pants. I swear Charity said/growled "Mamma" the other day when I took Harmony out of the room first. I'm not claiming it's her first word... yet. :)
The girls also LOVE to go on walks. They love to be out and about. I like to take them out (when the weather cooperates). We also love to read our books. 

I JUST love them so much! I asked Chuck the other day if he ever worries about things happening to them (because I do). He said yes. I was surprised and thought it was just a worrisome mom characteristic. We then talked about what some of our worries were. We both said how messed up we'd be if anything ever happened to them. We are just SO enamored with our little ones. They are such good babies. They'll fuss a little when they know I'm about to feed them and when I lay them down but that is it. They are such a joy. I thank my Heavenly Father HOURLY for them and what sweet blessings they are in our lives. 

Life is so, so sweet. 

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  1. This is so happy. :) I love it when I see people love being moms.